New Zealand Road Transport Associations

Welcome to the NZ Road Transport Associations Website

Local knowledge, expert advice on all aspects of running a transport business and some of the best deals around on essential goods and services: only the New Zealand Road Transport Association can offer you this winning combination.Only the NZRTA has the strength of four associations located throughout New Zealand, plus membership of the Road Transport Forum NZ.Join one of our four regional associations and you’ll have expert local knowledge on your doorstep. Your Area Manager can give you practical advice on all aspects of establishing and running a trucking business, from financing to employment. They are also up to date with the bylaws in your area and the other rules and regulations you need to know about to operate a successful trucking operation.

They will be your advocate over any issues you may have with the local and regional bodies in your area as well.Plus your Association membership gives you exclusive access to special discounts on just about everything you will need to keep your company going: fuel, tyres, telecommunications. You name it, your association can get you a good price on almost anything.

For more information on becoming an NZRTA member, contact your nearest Area Manager.